Love your voice


Whether you are just starting to explore your passion for singing or you’re an experienced singer looking to take your singing to the next level, I can expertly guide your journey to loving your voice.


Vocal ease . . . Fun . . . 

About Me . . .

I am classically trained but I've always had a passion for musicals and grew up singing pop and jazz. 

I have my Bachelor of Arts Degree (with Distinction) from King’s University, Edmonton majoring in Vocal Performance and Vocal Pedagogy. 

Though I have over 20 years of successful teaching experience, I take every opportunity to pursue professional development opportunities in all genres. Workshops I have attended include: Somatic Voiceworks™ (https://somaticvoicework.com), Alexander Technique (https://alexandertechnique.com) and Feldenkrais Technique (https://feldenkrais.com) and Estill Method™ (https://www.estillvoice.com). I am also Level 1 Certified in Heather Lyle's Vocal Yoga™ (https://vocalyoga.com). 

In 2014, I attended the Voice Foundation’s Symposium for Care of the Professional Voice (https://voicefoundation.org). The knowledge base of voice science that began at that symposium as well as the opportunity to do research for a leading otolaryngologist in Edmonton has turned me into a self-proclaimed voice science geek.


My future goals are to study to be a singing voice specialist and vocologist - emerging fields focused on helping singers with vocal health issues.

My studio, Zinger Studios, is located on the north shore of Kamloops, BC. 


"A dedication to learning more to provide more for students"

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